Once you get tired of explaining your feelings/opinions about something to someone, that’s a sign that you shouldn’t even affiliate with them anymore.

 Boy In Luv LA Hoseok ver - giraffesdancing

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1-3 / Edits of J-Hope

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these two are just too much ♡_♡

dumb sleepy hobi after practicing his beatboxing

waking up hobi: nate style

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I hate remembering. The idea of rewinding back to my past frightens me; how easily I can put myself back into those shoes I was once in. As grateful as I may be about who I am, remembering is something I don’t want to do. Why? Every day, I continue to create a new version of myself… and remembering will only lead me backward. Maybe I’m not phrasing this correctly. I meant to say, I hate remembering all the time. Small things here and there remind me of the person I once was, yet I like to remind myself that that was then.. and this is now. I’ve had my share of regrets, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But they’ve made me better but remembering and holding onto those memories will not make me a better person.

After what I witnessed tonight, I saw my old self through it. I didn’t know what to feel. But I do know that I had to ask myself, “Was that really me?” Up until now, I don’t know if that was good or bad. But whatever it may be, it’s not who I am anymore.


j-hope in American hustle life preview

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suga rapping about how he can send men/women to hong kong with his tongue yet he can’t sit next to a girl and look at her

there are two types of people

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