Title: I Miss You Artist: Frank Ocean 22,590 plays



 A live cover of Beyonce’s I Miss You performed by frankocean

Frank Ocean was actually one of the writers for this song and his own rendition of it is so nice.

Wow I’m glad I posted this because it got a lot of notes. Frank Ocean deserves a lot more credit for this song and for his music in general.

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Title: Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean) Artist: Earl Sweatshirt 15,715 plays

I don’t know why it’s difficult to admit that I miss you
And I don’t know why we argue, and I just hope that you listen
And if I hurt you I’m sorry, the music makes me dismissive

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And the rest is rust and stardust.

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Title: Lay Me Down (acoustic) Artist: Sam Smith 185,627 plays


Your touch, your skin, where do I begin?
No words can explain, the way I’m missing you

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I am finding quieter ways to love you.

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This is why I love Este Haim.

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You did not love me,
You just loved the fact that I was here for you.
You loved the attention I gave you,
You loved the fact that I would drop anything for you.
You did not love me, but god,
I loved you.

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